Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leah turns 2 months old!

It is amazing all the development I have seen in Leah since she was born. She turned 2 months old yesterday! At two months old, my little BABY girl has grown out of her "newborn clothes", started making cooing noises and vocalizing, and is smiling back at me when she sees me talk to her.

At this point most people are saying she looks more like Rick. I know she is like him in many ways. She is warm all the time - like her daddy, and well - let's just say she also has a digestive system like her daddy! We joke around here when Leah passes gas - it is hard to tell who it is coming from. She isn't shy about it either. She let everyone hear her talent during her Baptism last month - right as Pastor baptized her. WHAT A GIRL! Wait until I show that to all the boys that show interest in her - hopefully DECADES from now!

She has also started sleeping longer at night. Now, I will not go as far as to say she is sleeping THROUGH the night...but close. After being worn out from a hard day, which could have been playing with Auntie Beena Monday through Friday, or shopping and going places with Momma on Saturday or Sunday she falls into an evening of tired crying around 8pm. Less then 20 minutes later Leah is out for the night. Although she ususally wakes around the 3AM hour for a little "night cap" of milk - it is a short 15 or so minutes later that we are all back in bed sleeping until morning. Well, Leah is asleep. Momma is used to 2 months of being up a few times a night, so it will take a while for me to learn to not go do the dishes and laundry at 3AM after feeding Leah. Momma needs to learn it is bedtime for all of us, and the rest can wait until morning (or the afternoon, or the evening, or the next day...)