Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forget Naptime - Give Kisses

It has been customary in our house, since the beginning of the new year, that when Momma comes home from work after 5pm Leah and I lay down for a little nap before dinner. Last night, in line with our evening nap tradition, I took of my heels, warmed up a little bottle, and Leah and I shut off all the lights and laid down in the bedroom for a little nap. (By the way, the bottle was for her)
I lay next to Leah listening to her drink her bottle, and make little sighing noises, all along thinking I have to stay awake until I know she is down for her nap. As I keep watch on the amount of milk in the bottle and her signs of going of to sleep, I usually can figure by the last ounce if I am in the clear to nap myself or if she is going to finish her snack and want to play. Usually, in a dark room with a warm bed we have no problems taking a little nap. Last night was one of those other nights.
With the bottle down, Leah rolls from her back to her belly, turns her head to give me a BIG smile, and proceeds to attempt to scale the headboard. Ever so slowly I accept there is no nap in my future and sit up to play. Leah and I, in the dark bedroom, with the shadows from outside providing a little light for us to play, turn naptime into playtime. What precious moments to have when all the outside distractions are gone, and it's just you and your child playing in the shadows. After Leah figured out trying to scale the headboard wasn't so fun, we played patty-cake half a dozen times, which always ends with lots of tickles. My precious moment of the night was when Leah quietly leaned into me, put her mouth against my cheek, and gave me a kiss. Without instigating the kiss, and without trying to get her to mock my actions, she just leans in to give me a kiss on her own. It was so precious. My heart just melted. My little girl, at ten months old, knows how to melt Momma's heart. That one kiss then started a chain reaction of kisses to Momma. We were laughing so hard that Rick checked in on us. I have no idea how a baby learns to give kisses, but Leah has a misconception that a kiss requires her tongue to poke out like a lizard and slobber on my cheek. Maybe she is learning from Lily? Nevertheless, her kisses are always welcome!