Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's That Age!

Yes, we all did it. We may not be proud to admit it, but we all did it. And likey, we did it time and time again, and made more than one mess for our parents to clean up.

Last night Leah discovered the KITCHEN CABINETS with all the pots and pans. Until now we have used a baby gate to keep her out of the kitchen. Last night, after getting bored of HER toys there was nothing else to do...but make a mess in the only room left...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mam ma mamma mommmmmyyy...


ITS VIDEO TIME - featuring who else.. but LEAH

Month 10 and 11

I'm a Slacker Mom.
I have not been uploading the photos as I should.

Plans for a special FIRST BIRTHDAY are under way. Expect your invitations soon! We will have food, and cake, and ice cream, and presents all for a very special little girl who will be turning ONE. Oh how the time flies!

Here are the month milestones I have missed latley.

Leah at 10 months:

Leah at 11 months:

(just yesterday at Dewey's Pizza)
The BIG ONE YEAR - stay tuned...