Sunday, October 17, 2010

Busy October

It has been a very busy October and we still have not taken our trip to the Lake of the Ozarks…which is coming up this week.

We went many places this month, had beautiful weather, and some really fun times. 


First we went to the St. Louis Zoo with Aunt Vicki, Aunt Debbie, Cousin Casey and NeeNee (or NaaNaa as Leah would say it).

PA090073 PA090072

PA090064 PA090066 PA090018 PA090021 PA090023 PA090029 PA090034 PA090038 PA090045 PA090048 PA090053 PA090059 PA090060


Then we went to Chesterfield, IL for the Pumpkin Festival.  We did this last year when Leah was hardly mobile.  It was certainly more active this year!  Take a look:



PA100092PA100093PA100111 PA100113

PA100110PA100094PA100096PA100098PA100102 By the way – Leah was loving the Cool Apple Cider!      PA100106 PA100108


Then we made last minute plans to visit Grant’s Farm for their Halloween display.


PA150130 (leah and elaina)


PA150179 (some old man who was too cold and needed to use his child's blanket)



PA150168 (look closely, its LEAH….I thought this was a little spo0ky)


 PA150116        (tired Leah)PA150126      PA150132    (Heidi and Elaina)PA150138 PA150140  (i have yet to figure this face out!)

 PA150143   (again tired Leah)PA150147 PA150148  PA150151    PA150156  (loch nest monster?)PA150171PA150177PA150178


And lastly, today – we went to Perryville to visit Aunt Lyd and enjoy the nice weather.

 PA170206 PA170207 PA170208 PA170210 PA170211   PA170217  PA170219 PA170220 picking tomatosPA170221 PA170222 PA170223 PA170224

PA170197 PA170198 PA170202  


PA170188 PA170185