Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time Is Drawing Near

So, there are only about 7 weeks left until Baby Tebbe arrives!

Rick and I have been preparing ourselves for the moment with Birthing Class, which is well worth the money. I would highly suggest it to any couple. Plus, it helps the new dad understand what mom has been going through. I have to say, sometimes it is a challenge in my house to get Rick to understand the vast changes going on.
I think from his perspective the only changes that he sees is that he gets stuck cleaning the house more.

Dr. Konkol announced that Baby Tebbe is head down already, right where she should be. Which of course I already knew thanks to the not-so-suttle kicks to my ribs.
Hiccups are occurring often with Baby Tebbe - mostly at night when I am praying for a good nights rest, and only ONE potty break through the night. HA! Soon I’ll be praying for one good HOUR worth of rest, and that Rick changes a diaper or two...
Boy - how our priorities will change. Now we discuss who is going to let Lily out to go potty. My guess is the offers to let Lily out will increase in number as trades to change the baby.

The BABY SHOWER is fast approaching as well - February 8, 2009. There are lots a things a baby needs (or more like mom and dad need) to make life a little easier with the Little One.

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ourfunspotblog said...

YEAH!! I'm so excited to see you updated your blog!! You need to do it more often in all your free time! Hope things are going well and you are feeling good. Well, at least as good as can be expected at this time in the game.

Looking forward to hearing the good news and seeing more updates!