Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Message From Leah

Leah is in the phase where she talks and talks and talks right now. Of course it is only baby talk, but we all enjoy it. Last night I was downstairs preparing for Christmas when I heard Rick yell "JACKIE". Of course, I came running up the steps at lightening speed thinking something had gone majorly wrong (I am so like my own Mother), here I find out Leah was laying in bed next to Rick holding a very interesting conversation with herself. Where does a baby get this from? Her little hand movements where cracking us up. Do we have another preacher in the family? A comedian? A motivational speaker? An actress?

I am not sure what she was going on about, but it certainly was amusing.

Can you tell me what she was saying?

By the way, yes, that is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Rick was watching in the background.

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