Friday, June 5, 2009

Melt Your Heart...Baby

This is a recent recap of how my child melted my heart the other night...

Daddy was out of the house for the evening, having a good time at a local school picnic with a friend of our. Momma decided to stay home with baby Leah. About bedtime (8ish) I decided to try to put Leah down for the night, and so off we were, rocking away in the living room rocking chair. About 9pm Leah was sawing logs...or catching flies... with her mouth wide open. Her pacifier had fallen out of her mouth indicating she was sound asleep. So, I decided to put her to bed. I went into the bedroom, left all the lights off and laid her in her bed. With a little time left to catch the end of my program I joined Lily in the living room to wait for Daddy to come home. About 10 minutes into watching TV I started hearing things, like someone talking. I muted the tv, and sure enough, Leah had woken up, and was just laying there, in the dark, talking to herself. It was so sweet. I crept in the bedroom, and quietly laid on the bed to listen. There she was, looking at, playing with, and sucking her hands just talking away. It brought tears to my eyes. What a precious quiet moment - her there, just talking to herself.

During the day she laughs, and coos here or there, but this was full blown gibber gabber in a little quite, petite baby voice. Then she would laugh at herself and kick, and talk some more, and suck her hands, and go back to talking. Eventually she cried and wanted Momma – but it was such a sweet little thing, and so funny with her just talking to herself in the dark.

So, the precious moment fades, and Leah decides she isn't quite ready for bed yet. She got up and we played for about 45 more minutes on the floor. Then I took her to bed with me to watch tv and she laid there playing with her hands again, and every once in a while I would look at her in between watching tv and she just had her eyes on me, then go back to her hands, then me – just to make sure I was there or something. It was cute. We had a good night! That right there is the reason to stay home instead of always running here and there. Slow down, and take in the precious moments...

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