Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Tebbe’s Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween to everyone!

If you refer back to the Halloween 2008 post you will see Rick and I as “Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth”. Well, obviously 2009 is a much different year. With Leah along for the Halloween festivities we of course had to dress her up too. (Sorry Lily, no more costumes for you- Momma doesn’t have the time.) Maybe if I start in July next year I will be able to get the whole family in on a “theme” by October.

Last Saturday (the weekend before Halloween) we attended a Halloween Party at our friends house. It was great fun!

I went as Kate Gosslin, Leah went as a ducking, and Rick went as Wal Mart Cart Crew Supervisor. Although I like to say Rick REALLY went as the designated driver and babysitter. :-)

Kate Gosslin:

kate gosslinkate no photos please kate lookn at kate


leah as a dukPA240848PA240849

Walmart Cart Crew Supervisor:


The Whole Fam:


The Party was great. All kinds of attendants and costumes. There was even an unintentional coordination with Leah. Actually, he was a chicken, but when compared with Leah, Steven looked like a Duck too!





Post Costume:

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Then, just last night we went to spent Halloween with the family at Aunt Joanie and Uncle Joe’s house. The weather was great, and I enjoyed handing out candy I didn’t have to buy myself. We roasted hot dogs and made ‘smores over the bonfire.

I still can not believe the amount of kids that expect candy without having a joke! I just wanted to say “Come on now, there is no such thing as a free lunch, WORK for your expensive candy, KID!” Then there was the question “how many”. I replied, “how many WHAT?” when the kid sarcastically replies “how many pieces”. WHAT? YOUR KIDDING RIGHT? What do you want me to say?? “Here kid, have the whole thing.”

Next year, if i get the job of handing out candy, those kids are going to wish someone else were there. Maybe my costume next year will be a cardboard sign around my neck:

No joke = 1 piece of CHEAP candy

1 joke or an attempt to try = 1 piece of candy

1 good joke that shows effort: 2 pieces of good candy



Tim the Nerd and Riona


Myself, Leah and Riona


Leah and Riona


Abby, Cathy and her doll


Uncle Jon and Leah


Leah and Grandma


Leah post costume

PA310906 - Copy

The kiddos playing with Leah


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