Thursday, July 2, 2009

And we move on to cereal!

Last night Leah tried a little rice cereal for the first time. Well, really, two nights ago was the first time, but I don't know that I can really count that. Two nights ago Momma read the directions on the box and followed them word for word putting 1 tbsp of cereal to 3 tbsps of milk...and all that made was milk. The cereal dissolved in the milk and Leah had a really hard time eating liquid milk with a spoon - but wouldn’t you?

So, last night I decided to just add the milk in the bowl first, then the cereal to the consistency I wanted. And that worked! So, about 7:30 last night Leah was introduced to her first spoonfuls of baby cereal. And I think she liked it. She also liked sticking her hands in her mouth right after a spoonful of cereal...causing a complete finger, hand, mouth, to whatever else she touched mess!

Again tonight, after Momma got settled with getting in the house after a long day at work, we tried it again. If there is anything that can relax a person, it is watching a baby learn to eat from a spoon. We both had a good time. I am still not sure she loves the highchair. She is strapped into it like an astronaut leaving for space... I don't know where the makers of the highchair think these kids are going. And all the straps and locks are just more to wipe down after a messy meal.

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