Friday, July 17, 2009

This Week's Precious Moment

I have finally found time to update the blog for this weeks activities. Some people have asked how I find time for this. It certainly is a challenge.

I have learned there are very few things I can not do with a child on my hip. These things I am unable to do include using the restroom, showering, and doing the dishes. Let me tell you, when it comes time for me to do any one of those things, I hand Leah over to Rick and tell him he has got to be Mr. Mom for a few minutes. Most often I can use the restroom before she gets cranky and wants Mom back. But for something that takes more time like the shower - well, lets just say Rick tries. Sometimes Leah cooperates and is a good girl, and sometimes it is too close to bedtime to be cooperative. There have been many times when I am showering and can hear Leah crying, Rick trying to entertain her, the dog barking (usually at nothing), and the cats running through the house...and I think "Thank God for a few minutes of peace here in the shower". Unfortunately, once I get that thought out I hear Leah's cries become more intense, Rick hollers at Lily for barking at nothing, followed by yelling at the cat's that they already had dinner and they complain more then anyone in our house. About this time, with shampoo still being worked out of my hair, I shut off the water, towel dry in record time, throw clothes on (still wet), and open the door as I inquire "WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE". So, the peace is really only a glimpse of what was before Leah was born, and what, some day, will be again.

My most precious moment this week was one in which Rick took over caring for Leah as I cleaned the kitchen after dinner and got her bottles ready for the following day. I handed Leah over to Rick Sunday evening about 8pm and he took her to the rocking chair while I cleaned the kitchen. After about 10 minutes of cleaning up, I realized that Leah was not crying, and it seemed awfully quite for being so close to her bedtime. As I peeked around the corner I could see Rick in the rocking chair with Leah. Both were facing the tv in the living room watching some silly pre-school cartoon on Noggin. Leah was dozing off. It was such a heartwarming moment. Leah asleep in the rocking chair with daddy...and daddy left watching some silly pre-school cartoon with bright colors, and a talking yellow moose asking "Do you see the big red ball?" I couldn't help but think about how funny that moment was. From having been in bed at this time a year ago watching Forensic Files to rocking in the rocking chair, with baby blankets and toys haphazardly strewn throughout the room, watching pre-schoolers television, and holding precious Leah is his arms.


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