Friday, July 17, 2009

What Did Leah Do This Week?

After receiving two letters from The Division of Health and Senior Services about getting Leah's hearing tested, I scheduled it. I was not thrilled with completing this task. I was told if I could not get Leah asleep for the test I would have to rescheule and they would sedate her for it. This was very distrubing to me. Who wants to sedate their child for a non-emergency prodecure?

So, Monday morning, bright and early I awoke. 6:30AM, Leah and Mommy were awake in the house. Leah watching tv, and Mom nervious about getting her to sleep for her test at 8AM. Grandma came by to help, and we headed out to Cardinal Glennon. We were in the waiting room by 7:30ish, and Leah was asleep by 8ish. The nice woman doing the test hooked all the wires and cords up to the computer, and stuch electroid sensers on Leahs forehead, back of neck, and shoulder. Then she stuck these little earphones around her ears. Thank goodness Leah stayed asleep! By 9AM the test was complete and Leah had passed in both ears. Lesson learned! When the doctor's suggest to get a testing done within the first month of life - do it! Since babies sleep most the time the first month, it would have been no problem getting her to sleep three months ago. But, I was blessed to have a cooperative baby Monday morning.

Then, Monday night Leah got to taste APPLESAUCE for the first time. We hardly needed a bib for that yummy meal!

Then, after dinner, Leah watched a little of the Home Run Derby!


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Shelly said...

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