Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leah turns 4 months old TODAY!

7/9/09 - Leah is 4 months old today.

We started the day going to the doctor for a 4 month check up. Leah was so brave! She got 4 shots, and didn't even cry until the 3rd shot. Then, seconds later, she was happy as can be. You would have never known anything happened. On the way home from the doctor's office she was in the back seat just talking away and making little baby noises.

Leah spent a good part of the day resting off her big morning.
Then, hungry baby got a bottle AND SWEET POTATOS! At the direction of Dr. Spewak, we could start baby food once she has caught on the cereal. Well, as you can see from the recent past - Leah has gotten pretty darn goood at eating cereal.

The first spoonful of sweet potatos delivered a few odd looks to Momma. But after that, WIDE OPEN MOUTH until it was ALLLLLLL GONE!

And of course she managed to get her fingers in there to squish around that new orange stuff!


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